Ploughshare Tortoises Mating at the BCC

Ploughshare Tortoises Mating

The Turtle Conservancy and Behler Chelonian Center are pleased to announce the first step towards the captive reproduction of our Ploughshare Tortoises.  Two weeks ago we had a beautiful, sunny, California day and placed the adult male and adult female Ploughshare Tortoises together in hopes that mating might occur.  We have been keeping them warm and humid this winter in hopes that we can take advantage of the natural reproductive cycle of the female who we expect is still accustomed to the warm, wet conditions in Baly Bay at this time of year.  Our hopes and expectations paid off when the male finally showed interest in the female and successfully mated for the first time.

Of course, there are many questions remaining about whether this will result in fertile eggs, but we are ready to be patient and allow the natural process to occur with as little human interference as possible.  We will continue to be vigilant to watch for nesting and will keep everyone posted with news as it happens.

We look forward to contributing to a sustainable species survival program and thank you all for your support!


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  1. Jelle Boef says:

    Really wonderful news. Here is hoping for a milestone. Be nice if the program can be extended over European and Australasian (mainly Japan and Australia) collections too.

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