Help Nate Save the Turtles

Help Save the Turtles

Nate was inspired to create this map after reading an article in The New Yorker magazine about the efforts made by Eric Goode and the Turtle Conservancy to save the critically endangered ploughshare tortoise from extinction. Massive deforestation and rampant poaching on the island of Madagascar have put not only this species, but also many others at risk of extinction.

Madagascar is home to such an amazing array of exotic and beautiful wildlife. This map represents only a sample of just the reptiles that are at risk, not to mention all the mammals, birds, fish, insects and plant life that are also threatened.

Click here to see the full map and make a donation or purchase. ($5 will pay a security guard’s wage for 2 days!)

* * * All donations and print profits will be given to the Turtle Conservancy on behalf of They Draw & Travel. Thanks everybody! * * *


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