Ploughshare Tortoise Trafficking Update

Last week Turtle Conservancy colleague Torsten Blanck published an alarming report on the current status of illegal Ploughshare Tortoises in China…

World Turtle Day

Happy World Turtle Day

Sending Tortoises to Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island

Representing the Turtle Conservancy, Actor (and tortoise enthusiast) Julian Sands traveled to Necker Island to deliver some very special cargo: Critically Endangered Burmese Star Tortoises and Endangered Burmese Black Mountain Tortoises, which were all bred by the Turtle Conservancy.

Saving the Geometric Tortoise from Extinction

The Geometric Tortoise is one of the world’s most endangered chelonians, with less than one thousand left in the world, it deserves our protection.

Ploughshare Tortoise Confiscation Update

Just before the Holidays, Turtle Conservancy’s Managing Director and veterinarian, Dr. Paul Gibbons, returned to Bangkok, Thailand together with Durrell representatives to teach a seminar on managing the health and husbandry of large groups of confiscated turtles and tortoises.

World’s Rarest Tortoises to Lose Face Value

Conservation organizations fighting to save one of the world’s most threatened tortoises from poachers are resorting to a drastic measure—engraving identification codes onto the animals’ shells to reduce their black market value.

Investigating the Turtle Trade in Nicaragua

Turtle Conservancy travels to Nicaragua to investigate the trade of Painted Wood Turtles.

Reintroduction of the Burmese Star Tortoise

Turtle Conservancy travels to Myanmar with a delegation from WCS and TSA to assist with the reintroduction of the Burmese Star Tortoise.

2013 Sabin Turtle Conservation Prize

This newly created, $20,000 award is the biggest for turtle conservation in the world and aims to recognize individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the conservation of tortoises and freshwater turtles.

TC Travels to Myanmar in Search of Locations for Additional in Range Assurance Colonies for the Critically Endangered Burmese Star Tortoise

Outside of Myanmar, the Turtle Conservancy’s Behler Chelonian Center breeds more Burmese Star Tortoises than any other institution in the world. Turtle Conservancy’s Dr. Paul Gibbons and Maurice Rodrigues recently visited Myanmar to search for locations where we can help establish additional assurance colonies for the Burmese Star Tortoise.