Golden Coin Turtle Press Coverage

Last month’s historic accomplishment of repatriating five Critically Endangered Golden Coin Turtles to their native Hong Kong has been covered by Scientific American, China Daily USA and Wildlife

Golden Coin Turtles Sent Home to Hong Kong

Last week, five Critically Endangered Golden Coin Turtles made their way from the Turtle Conservancy’s renowned captive-breeding facility in California to the species’ native Hong Kong.

Behler Chelonian Center: 2012 Recap

The Turtle Conservancy’s Behler Chelonian Center is the premiere facility for breeding Critically Endangered turtles and tortoises in the United States. The Behler Chelonian Center had a banner year in 2012.

Behler Chelonian Center Update: November 2012

New hatchlings, a record clutch of 17 Burmese Star Tortoise eggs, Repticon 2012, and more!

Behler Chelonian Center Update: October 2012

Recent hatchlings, new intern, winter at the BCC, and more…

Behler Chelonian Center Update: August 2012

Recent hatchlings at the Behler Chelonian Center & Gerald Kuchling returns to determine the sex of young Chinese Three-striped Box Turtles.

New Hatchlings

Since January the Behler Chelonian Center had 37 births

New Hatchlings

New hatchlings at the Behler Chelonian Center.

Miracle Moments: Hatchling Cuora trifasciata

Cuora trifasciata hatchling; a first for the Behler Chelonian Center!